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ThINK Neon Kit 7 pcs

We have found the best neon pigment and increased its ratio to the maximum value. As a result, Neon thINKs are extremely bright and full of rich glowing colour. Available in 7 individual colors or as a set.

ThINK is an air-dried liquid pigment and alcohol solution. After application the pigment penetrates the gel layer and the alcohol evaporates. A liner brush in the cap helps to control the design process. Ribbons, lines, flowers, tiny spots and fun colour cloudy backgrounds are fast and easy with Mosaic ThINK. Clear ThINK is available to erase any unwanted colour spots and White to cover a bright color spot and make it more pastel.

ThINK pigments are very sensitive to the sun.. we recommend Flexy Top Gel (with UV-block) to keep your colors from fading in the summer sunshine!