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Mosaic wanted to do something different and ended up thinking of creating colors by using different colored glitter without using actual pigment. This idea keeps glitter gloss at its peak and the sparkle is absolutely incredible!
20 colors available individually or as 2 kits.  One kit contains bright rainbow colors and the other is silver-based, more reserved in style, but still super blingy!

The new bling glitter gels are in jars to make the gel easier and more comfortable to apply with your favorite gel brush.

Even though the some of the particles are large, the gel is levels itself like a dream!
We recommend a Perfect top for finishing gel, which will help you get any small bumps even without compromising on the shine!
The new bling glitter gels are beautiful to use alone, or layering over a gel paint or polish background.
The Bling series is dedicated to concerts, performances, festivals… all the events we all miss these days.
Let’s rock! The Show must go on!