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Cold beige with gold sparkling tiny glitter. Opaque.  Highly pigmented creamy texture allows one coat application for most colors. Comfortable flat brush for perfect application in cuticle area. Professional bottle size -15 ml

Use directions

  • Push the cuticle and prepare nail as usually
  • Apply Freshner to the whole nail.
  • Apply Ultrabond Primer or BondX and seal the free edge.
  • Apply a coat of base gel (UV LAC Base coat, SculptX, Architect X, Rubber base, Level Up). Seal the free edge. Cure in LED/UV lamp.
  • Apply a thin coat of gel polish. Seal the free edge and cure in the lamp. UV lamp 2 min, LED lamp 30 sec.
  • Apply top gel. Seal the free edge.
  • To remove- file off or soak off with UV LAC remover liquid.