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Full Coverage Gel Tips

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500pcs Gel tips are made of flexible gel. It is possible to make nail extensions in much less time. Suitable for all types of nails. Comfortable to use even for beginners. Doesn’t crack or chip.

Nails done using these tips can be infilled of soaked off completely.

Gel tips can be removed with filing of soaking with Soak off remover.

Use directions:

  • Prepare the nail as usually
  • Choose the nail shape to apply
  • Match the right size of the gel tip for each nail
  • Apply BondX on the contact area of the tip
  • Apply a coat of pH Rubber gel on the nail
  • Apply pH Rubber base with less acid on the contact area of the tip
  • Gently with a 45 degree angle apply the tip to the nail cuticle area and carefully press it to the nail plate
  • Dont allow gel to flow on the skin. Remove it before curing.
  • Check to have enough gel under the tip, or you will get air pockets.
  • Flash cure the gel tip for 10 seconds using Mosaic spotlight.
  • Final cure all nails in the led lamp.
  • If needed- file the cuticle area.
  • Apply BondX on the tip and let it dry
  • Apply a coat of rubber base of any builder gel on top.
  • Overlay with a gel polish and the top gel.