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Very light beige with white shimmer. Semi-transparent. Comfortable specially developed brush that has more than 1000 thin bristles for perfect and beautiful application in cuticle area. Professional bottle size 15 ml.

Instructions for use:

  • Apply Mosaic Prep Freshner to your natural nail.
  • Apply Ultrabond Primer to the nail.
  • Apply a thin coat of nail gel (UV LAC Base coat, SculptX, Architect X, Rubber base, Level Up) to the nail. Process the free end of the edge. Dry under UV / LED lamp
  • Apply a thin layer of gel polish. Process the free end of the edge. Dry under the lamp. UV lamp 2 min, LED lamp 30 sec.
  • Apply the top gel. Process the free end of the edge. Dry under the lamp.
  • The gel polish can be removed by filing or soaking with a UV LAC remover for 10-12 min.