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Botticelli Beauty

Mosaic Nail Systems introduces a very special series of glitter gel paint. It contains tiny parts of shimmer which is different from any other glitter we have.  This gel paint was inspired by a famous renaissance painting “Primavera” by Sandro Botticelli. Three graces on this painting symbolize three women goodnesses complementing each other.  Three beautiful soft nude gel paint colours with a beautiful veil of shimmer.

Can be used for full overlay as a colour or as a thinner layer on top of cover pink builder gel to achieve a “deep shimmer” effect, or over your favorite gel polish or gel paint.  Must be overlayed with top gel.

Layer with Mosaic UV-Lac base & top coat for a perfect long-lasting natural nail manicure. Cure in standard 36w UV lamp for 1 minute OR 36w LED-UV 30 seconds.  Will soak off, however, soak off will take longer due to the glitter content.