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Acrylic Gel – Milky Pink

Mosaic Acrylic Gel is an evolution of acrylic nail technology. It has all the best properties of acrylic without the strong smell of monomer.

The main difference from acrylic is that acrylic gel must be cured in a UV lamp. However it also gives you plenty of time to shape the nail and cure it when you are finished.

Acrylic gel does not heat up in the lamp. It doesn’t flow like gel and doesn’t cure when exposed to air like acrylic.

You can do all nails on one hand and then cure if you wish!


  • Prepare the nail as usual

  • Apply Freshner and Ultrabond primer / BondX

  • Squeeze some acrylic gel out of the tube and apply on the nail approximately 2mm from the cuticle.

  • Wet your brush with Finishing wipe liquid and shape the acrylic gel

  • Do not use too much liquid when shaping the acrylic gel

  • When the shaping is done, cure acrylic gel in the lamp. Curing time depends on Acrylic Gel thickness. The thicker the layer, the longer the curing time is. Standard curing time is 60 seconds in 36W LED-UV lamp (4 minutes in standard UV lamp). For layers thicker than 2 mm – curing time must be doubled.

For weak and flexible natural nails, before making extensions with Acrylic Gel it is recommended to use a base layer of gel.

When acrylic gel is polymerized in the UV lamp, the hardening process will continue for another 24 hours until Acrylic Gel is 100% hardened.