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484 – Vandyke Brown

One-stroke art gels are in convenient tubes.  These beautiful colors are very highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way!  One-stroke gel paints are thicker and do not leave a dispersion layer.

For those of you that are familiar with one-stroke acrylic paints, the color coding is similar to the Polycolor acrylic paint line. These paints are the best acrylic paints and the choice of color for an experienced one-stroke artist has been made easy.  The difference is that the gel paints are ready to use.  As well, the gel paints do not dry until they are placed in the led-uv lamp so you can paint at your leisure and, if necessary, make corrections. The gel slides gently on the brush and does not skip like too-dry acrylic paint can.

Of course, the colors can be mixed with each other in order to find new tones.

The gels are suitable for the following techniques

  • one-stroke
  • shadow
  • stamping
  • drawings on top gel
  • sugar decorations

We’re sure there is a variety of techniques that can be accomplished, so your own imagination is the limit!  Cure 30sec LED/UV.